Meet Jo Carford - Vet recommended & Award Winning Trainer (2021 - 22 & 2023)  West Sussex 

Are you struggling with your dogs behaviour?

Whether your dog pulls on the lead, fails to come back when they are called, jumps up at visitors or can't settle when you're trying to have that relaxing meal/coffee at  the end of the walk, 121 training sessions would be great for you. 

If your dog isn't keen on being left home alone, has problems getting on with your other resident dog/s or reacts to strangers or visitors in your home or out and about, a behaviour consultation would be ideal. 

Jo  – (Full Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) can help. With a solution to fit in with your busy life, Jo offers  tailored sessions that suit you. Whether that be home visits or being out and about in the real world with you and your dog.  Weekend sessions are available

Jo uses proven ethical and science based teaching methods. She works on building the bond between you and your dog and understands that every dog is an invidual She loves using the dogs specific breed needs to enrich lives!

About Jo -

Jo has two rescue dogs of her own, Slate (Labrador x Beagle) and Bracken (French Pointer) .  She loves training her own dogs and enjoys Scent Detection, Tracking and Hoopers with Slate and Gundog work with Bracken.  

As well as being a Trainer & Behaviour Consultant, Jo is trained to carry out a Dynamic Dog Assessment - a functional assessment using a variety of analytical techniques that can shine a light on potential discomfort in your dog that could be adding to behaviour issues. This makes Jo's behaviour consultation unique and leaves no stone unturned! 

Jo is an Accredited UKCSD Tracking Instructor. Jo often uses scent detection & tracking as part of her holistic behaviour modification plans for the dogs she works with.  

Jo’s knowledge and methods are being kept up to date and topped up all the time and she is proud to be mentored by world renowned Aggression Expert, Michael Shikashio as well as recently completing the  L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation® Professional Course

Jo is also a Kids Around Dogs Approved Professional and is therefore qualified to help Children overcome their fear of Dogs with a successful protocol

Jo has completed the following courses:

  • Holistic Behaviour & Understanding your dog
  • Canine Anatomy & Physiology
  • Career as a Dog Trainer
  • Practical Instructor Course
  • Accredited Dog Law Certificate
  • Open College Network Level III - Principles of Dog Training And Behaviour
  • Teach your Dog Workshop
  • Dog to Human Aggression Course
  • Consultation & follow up course
  • Craig Ogilvie Interactive Play Workshop
  • Separation Anxiety course
  • Canine Behaviour Diploma
  • Full IMDT membership
  • Canine Aggression & Rehabilition
  • Canine Body Language
  • Canine Nutrition Diploma
  • Canine First Aid Certificate
  • Puppy Foundation Course
  • Resource Guarding course
  • World of the Detection Dog Course
  • Tracking Instructor Course
  • Functional Behavioural Analysis 
  • Master Course in Aggression
  •  Our Dog Bit Our Toddler! HELP!
  • Using Enrichment to Treat Aggression
  • Husbandry and Aggression - How to Navigate Blurred Lines
  • Recognising Pain in Dogs
  • Treat - Retreat with Suzanne Clothier
  • Dynamic Dog Practitioner 
  • L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation® Professional Course
  • Kids Around Dogs Approved Professional

Since going to see Jo, my pug's behaviour has improved so much. She's not as nervous and is a lot calmer around other dogs. I highly recommend Applause for Paws!

Sarah Clarke